Meet the Team

Ellie Sanderson, Beaconsfield Boutique


Eira, Store Manager


Eira ( it means snow in Welsh ! ) is the Boss Lady in Beaconsfield whilst our Laura is off on maternity leave. She is totally adored by all our brides and staff alike for her calm-in-a-crisis approach to everything she does.

Accomplished cake maker, knitter, dancer, harpist and all round crazy girl, we love her deeply and would be lost without her gentle, serene approach.

A budding actress who can actually do the splits and tap dance, Eira is always thoughtful and full of fun and we all hope to see her on the big screen one day.

Eira can often be seen dashing between the two Beaconsfield stores most days and we all live in fear that one day she will invest in some high-speed roller blades!

Dream Groom.

Hugh Jackman – although I feel Hugh may have been given a back seat lately (wink wink)

Guilty secret

Baking and eating lots and lots of cake!


Laura, Store Manager


Laura is also known as Lovely Laura, the Boss Lady, and chief checker of absolutely everything that happens in the Beaconsfield boutique. Laura has been with Ellie for years and years and is currently off on Maternity leave with her adorable little baby boy Rex.

Talking at two hundred miles an hour and with eyes in the back of her head, Laura misses nothing and we would all be quite lost without her ! Laura is just totally lovely even if she has a little bit of OCD and neatly tidies and files things away before you are finished with them. She is super efficient and is totally professional in everything that she does. Laura will check every tiny detail for  all our brides-to-be and she ensures that everything runs smoothly. We are so lucky to have her.


Dream Groom

Chris Hemsworth AKA Thor

Guilty secret

Large doorstep size sandwiches packed with her fridge contents.


Steff, Sales Consultant


Steff is our lovely newly married bride, she is a self-confessed romantic and utterly crazy about all things wedding.  Recently married and full of bridal beans we think she has more pins on her pinterest board that most bridal shops.

Steff can often be found modelling the dresses, this is all in the name of research don’t you know. Steff is totally smitten with our Sassi Holford Collection and rather in love with Suzanne Neville.


Dream Groom

Her lovely new husband of course

Guilty secret

Cake Cake and cake







Charley, Sales Consultant


The very gorgeous Charley has been with us for a few years now and is so much fun. She is a lover all things sparkly, fluffy and furry! Our Charley is also quite a fashionista; she just  adores amazing statement dresses and is partial to dancing around in a tiara when ( she thinks ) no-one is looking! Charley is very knowledgeable and has clients queuing up to see her and experience her bubbly and exuberant personality.


Dream Groom

Johnny Depp- we’ve got to agree with her there!

Guilty Secret

Marmite – she eats it on absolutely everything!

The Ellie Sanderson look forward to welcoming you!

Ellie, Eira, Justine and Holly really look forward to welcoming you to The award winning Beaconsfield Boutique. Just call us or drop us an email so that we can organise your appointment. Let us know if you have any special dresses we can get ready for you or if you and your guests have any special requirements.

Why not make a day of it and have lunch at The Crazy Bear, a cream tea in The Old Tea Rooms or perhaps stroll around the Old Town on Market Day?

Beaconsfield old Town

The leafy Old Town of Beaconsfield is steeped in history and makes for a brilliant day out. We are the only Bridal shop in Beaconsfield Old Town and every one fondly knows us the bridal shop on the corner!  Beaconsfield is full of amazing restaurants, interior design shops, as well as some fabulous designer clothes boutiques.

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